It’s time to break out the brushes and start painting your Golden Demon Classic entries for Warhammer Fest. This year, there are more options than ever before, with any Citadel or Forge World miniature you can think of being eligible for entry in at least one category.

This year’s competition includes twelve standard categories, plus the Youngbloods for under-16s, and the Open Competition, where imaginative presentation and incredible painting combine to create true works of miniature art. As well as all the categories you’re used to, there’s a brand-new one for Small Scale Models, covering Adeptus Titanicus as well as a range of classic games such as Dreadfleet, Warmaster and more.

Returning this year is the ’Eavy Metal Masters category, which sees every entrant paint the same miniature with no conversions allowed to ensure that only the very best painted model wins. This year’s Masters miniature is the Isharann Tidecaster from the Idoneth Deepkin range – a model packed with interesting textures that will be a fitting test of painting skill!

You can get all the details of how to enter this and every other category in the new Golden Demon Guidelines document. It’s a guide to what’s allowed in each category and everything else you need to know to take part.

If you plan on entering the Golden Demon Classic at Warhammer Fest, you can submit your miniatures from the event’s opening on Saturday until 12pm on Sunday– and to speed things up, you can get your entry forms here and fill them in beforehand, giving you more time at Warhammer Fest to enjoy the event. Judging and awards will be on Sunday, so make sure you have a Sunday or Weekend ticket if you want to take part – and good luck!