Breaking News – March 13th, 2020

With AdeptiCon 2020 being called off, and the ongoing public health concern around COVID-19, Golden Demon will now be returning to the USA in 2021. 

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Back at Warhammer Fest, we revealed that Golden Demon would be returning to the USA this year. Now, we’re bringing you more information so that you can get ready to claim painting glory at AdeptiCon 2020.

Golden Demon is our legendary painting event, where miniatures painters from around the world come to display their latest work and test their mettle across a selection of categories in one of the largest and longest-running miniatures painting competitions on the planet! More than just a competition, it’s a great opportunity to meet hobbyists from around the globe, share your work with other painters and be part of the grand display of epic hobby that is Golden Demon!

It’s also the perfect place to find inspiration for your next project, whether it’s a single model or a whole army – the Golden Demon cabinets are always a great source of ideas.

So that you can grab your paintbrushes and get started on your entry, we’re announcing the categories for Golden Demon USA.

Remember that all models must be produced by Games Workshop and either mounted on a gaming base or a display base of appropriate size.

Now you know which categories you can enter, how about a few tips on the best way to prepare? Well, we had a quick chat with Max Faleij, ‘Eavy Metal painter and Golden Demon judge, who shared the following advice…

Pick the Right Miniature!

First off, choosing a model that you are excited about can have a huge impact on your painting. Creating a Golden Demon-winning entry can take up a lot of your time and attention so make sure you’re working on something that inspires you to do your best work!

Another important aspect is to make sure that you pick a miniature that has the details and space needed for you to be able to show off your preferred painting skills. If you have a cool idea for some freehand tattoos, for example, then a fully armoured Space Marine might not be your best bet. 

Keep it Consistent!

Try to put as much care and attention to detail into your entry as possible and keep it consistent across every part of the model. Don’t spend loads of time painting an amazing face if the rest of the model is rushed or unfinished. Another helpful tip is to plan out your work ahead of time and to make sure that you’re not trying to do too much at the same time, especially if you want to submit multiple entries. Finishing one entry before starting your next is a good approach to help keep focused on the task at hand and ensure that you’re not left with unfinished models that you can’t enter.

Keep it Fun!

One of the most important parts of entering Golden Demon is to make sure you have fun with it! Be creative – add atmosphere and narrative to your work, try a cool conversion or a different colour scheme. There are no in-game rules restrictions when it comes to the categories, so you have lots of freedom to experiment! Anyone can enter Golden Demon, no matter what level your brush skills are at. Taking part and joining one of the greatest celebrations of miniature painting in the world is an amazing thing to be a part of, win or lose.

What Do the Judges Look For?

We look for a lot of different elements in a winning entry. Technical skill, atmosphere, consistency of quality, and narrative are all key components in what makes the best models stand out. The painting isn’t just about technical prowess – it’s about finding a style and technique that works for you and applying it with care.

We have no set preference when it comes to style – as long as it looks amazing, there’s really no right or wrong. However, the background and setting ARE important. We always look at how well the entry fits into Games Workshop’s different worlds and universes – a strong narrative can go a long way towards grabbing the attention of a judge on the day!

You can get all the details of how to enter this and every other category in this Golden Demon Guidelines document. It’s a guide to what’s allowed in each category and everything else you need to know to take part.

If you plan on entering the Golden Demon at Adepticon, you can submit your miniatures from the event’s opening on Friday until 4pm on Saturday– and to speed things up, you can get your entry forms here and fill them in beforehand, giving you more time at Warhammer Fest to enjoy the event. The awards ceremony will be on Sunday, so make sure you have the right tickets to take part – and good luck!

Thanks, Max, that’s amazing. If you’re anything like us, your mind is racing with ideas! Make sure that you stock up on paint and brushes and make a start on your entries now. Also, sign-up to our newsletter to keep up to date with all of the latest Golden Demon USA announcements.