The legendary Golden Demon is the most prestigious painting competition in the world. It has been away for quite a while, but it’s back and – for the first time in over a decade – Golden Demon is coming to the United States.

The event will take place at AdeptiCon 2022, one of the largest independent wargaming conventions in the world, alongside loads more Warhammer goodness.* Golden Demon isn’t just a competition, after all – it’s a great way to mingle with world-class hobbyists, share your work, and be part of the event that put miniatures painting on the map. 

There are plenty of categories to enter for hobbyists of all ages, so take a look below and see if any tickle your fancy.

Carrying your perfectly painted models all of the way to Schaumburg, Illinois will be an adventure in itself, so make sure you have your entry form completed before you turn up. Luckily, we’ve got them right here for you ready to print out, along with all the rules you’ll need to pore over before submitting your work.

If you’re planning to enter more than one category, you’ll need to fill out a form for each entry. Just bring your work along with a completed form and submit it at the event, making sure to read the terms and conditions carefully so there are no surprises.

The coveted Golden Demon statue is one of the greatest achievements a hobbyist can aspire to, and the competition is fierce. Spectators can look forward to a showcase of the best that miniature painting has to offer, with three whole years of stockpiled entries gunning for the top spot. 

Join your fellow Warhammer fans at Golden Demon when AdeptiCon returns on the 23rd of March, and make sure you book your ticket soon – registration closes on the 28th of February. We look forward to seeing you there, and who knows what inspiration you’ll get for your next big hobby project?

* Can anybody say “life-sized Kill Team laser tag”?